RoTechnology featured on Elis’s Career Day

RoTechnology participated on the 28th of September at the Career Day, a day to present the projects carried out by the participants in the HR Academy and New Comunication master, organized by Elis.
During the event innovative work projects were presented with the partner companies of the edition: Ferrovie dello Stato, Campari, Terna, Snam, Generali, Enel, Eni, Rai Ray, Italtel, Iren and Cattolica Assicurazione.

A new meeting for all Megam@rt2 partners

From 2 to 4 October, RoTechnology participated in the Megamart2 Plenary Meeting held in Versailles.
The MegaM @ Rt2 project is well defined, the intermediate objectives have been achieved and the integration between partners improves with each meeting.
As always happens in the Megamart plenary, a hackathon has been organized for the benefit of the Use Case Providers which has allowed to increase the technical skills of the demonstrators and create a collaborative atmosphere among all the partners.
The review team was able to evaluate the good quality of the results linked to the integration of the tools that will constitute the Mega-modeling framework.
RoTechnology is very satisfied with the work carried out also in line with the fundamental objectives of the Project and its future developments.

RoTechnology nel Forum Cyber security and Digital Economy, a Londra

Ro Technology participated in the Cyber ​​Security and Digital Economy Forum: Challenges, Threats and Opportunities from Cyberspace organized by the Italian Embassy in London and the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) in collaboration with the Center for Cyber ​​Security and International Relations Studies of the University of Florence.
The event was held in the Italian Embassy in London on 11 October in the presence of Raffaele Trombetta, Italian ambassador in London. In the institutional session Roberto Baldoni, Director of the Italian NSC (Cyber ​​Security Nucleus) presented the Italian national point of view so that Jhon Nicholson, head of the international Cyber ​​Policy had the opportunity to present the British national point of view on threats and opportunities that represent Cyberspace both nationally and internationally.
Ro Technology, like other innovative Italian technology companies, has taken the opportunity to present its company profile. Gianluca Rossi, director of the Ro Technology Races area, supported by our CEO, Rodolfo Grimani presented our proposal for the cybersecurity market.

RoTechnology present at the Lazio Connect meeting

RoTechnology, participated in the Networking Lunch organized by @LazioConnect (a #collaborative # technical-legal platform in support of the #Innovation System of Lazio, between Companies, Industrial Consortiums, Technological Parks, Universities and Research Bodies, in the #aerospace sector) , held October 23 at the IPTSAT headquarters.
The meeting began with a brief presentation of all the companies, which like RoTechnology, are partners of Lazio Connect, with a reference above all to their core business and to the type of customers.
On this occasion, current topics were discussed on “Tools of extraordinary finance for SMEs by the Value research company”, “Possibility of collaborations in tenders and tenders both at national and EU / International level by the BIP company” and a Master on HR was also presented.

RoTechnology always open to market news

Our CEO, Rodolfo Grimani participated in the presentation made by Vodafone Italia’s CEO, Engineer Aldo Bisio, which was held on October 23rd at the Circolo Canottieri Aniene.
Engineer Bisio shared his experience on 5G and the Social Innovation behind the development of Smart Cities with the participants.
The direct experience with Vodafone’s CEO helps us to understand how to anticipate and manage the radical changes that lie ahead.
Given the end of competitive bidding for the 5G frequencies, this was also an opportunity to talk about new business models and advanced services that will revolutionize our lives and the cities of the future, including the Internet of Things.

RoTechnology in the ICT Security Forum “Knowing and Preventing New Computer Threats”

On October 24th, the Director of the RoTechnology Race Office, Gianluca Rossi, participated in the 19th edition of the @ICTSecurityMag Forum which took place at the Auditorium of Technology, the Confindustria congress center in the EUR district of Rome.
Also this year the fundamental theme of this event is knowledge and prevention against New Information Threats.
During the event, the leading experts in the field have outlined risk scenarios through their experiences have illustrated what could be the best solutions to combat, but above all prevent, cyber crimes for the well-being of the population, national security and the proper functioning of the system and its economic growth.
The companies, SMEs and A.P present, have received indications from the experts on where to concentrate their area of intervention to continue this process of prevention and contrast.

RoTechnology at the conference “The Italian research and innovation community meets Europe. Dialogue on Horizon Europe “

RoTechnology participated in the conference “The Italian research and innovation community meets Europe. Dialogue on Horizon Europe.” The conference was held in Rome, MAXXI, on 7 November.
Gianluca Rossi, was present in representation of RoTechnology at the public event organized by the MIUR and the APRE on the future EU Framework Program “Horizon Europe”.
The objective of this event was to give voice to the expectations of the protagonists of Italian R&I with regard to Horizon Europe, arouse consensus around national priorities and bring them to the attention of the European Commission.
The opening of the day was entrusted to the Deputy Minister of MIUR – Ministry of Education, University and Research, Lorenzo Fioramonti, who also presented the conclusions.
In the event the various institutional players and all the other stakeholders told their point of view.
All this with a direct comparison with the new Director General “Research and Innovation” of the European Commission, Jean-Eric Paquet and the Vice-President of the ITRE Commission of the European Parliament, Patrizia Toia.

RoTechnology on the Day of Research in Memory of Umberto Veronesi, II Edition

Our CEO, Rodolfo Grimani, participated in the # Lombardiaè Research Day on 8 November at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, where the ‘Lombardia è ricerca’ award ceremony was held, which awards 1 million euros to the best discovery science in the field of Life Sciences, this year dedicated to precision medicine.
On this occasion, the vice president of the Lombardy Region, Fabrizio Sala, held the honor of officially appointing Gerry Scotti as the Lombardy Region’s ambassador for Research.
70% of the 1 million prize was destined to develop activities in Lombardy.
The Vice President of the Lombardy Region and Councilor for Research, Innovation, University, Export and Internationalization of Enterprises Fabrizio Sala, together with President Attilio Fontana, presented the Prize to Professors Michele De Luca, Graziella Pellegrini and the German surgeon Tobias Hirsch.
A jury of 15 scientists of international caliber unanimously decreed the three winners. The German-Italian team convinced the jury, chaired by Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi, for ex-vivo gene therapy for Epidermolysis Bullosa or ‘Butterfly Children Syndrome’, of which they are pioneers in the world.
Rotechnology is happy and committed to making its small but important contribution to the growth of research in Italy.

RoTechnology al Meeting di avanzamento del Progetto TEINVEIN

In rappresentanza di RoTechnology, Diego Grimani, co-manager dell’Area Ricerca e Norma Griset, Manager della sede a Milano, hanno partecipato al Meeting Teinvein M18.

L’incontro tenutosi il 13 novembre 2018 presso Modis Consulting srl a Milano aveva come obiettivo l’avanzamento semestrale del progetto di ricerca in materia di “Tecnologie Innovative per Veicoli Intelligenti” da cui l’acronimo.Alla presenza di tutti i partners coinvolti, RoTechnology ha presentato il punto OR8 su Disseminazione e sfruttamento dei risultatidando evidenza del rapporto con i Clusters coinvolti – Mobilità e Fabbrica Intelligente- e mettendo in luce le principali azioni di dissemination e exploitation messe in atto.

RoTechnology to Open Source Day 2018: New Ideas to Explore

In RoTechnology we want to be always updated on new open source technologies, which with all the various variations can be used in our area where we operate. All to offer our customers innovative cutting-edge solutions.

With this in mind, part of our Research and Development team took part in the Open Source Day organized by RedHat, held on November 14th in Rome. This is an event that every year invites curiosity and collaboration, values ​​with which we feel very identified, and proposes culture to unite the sense of participation in technologies allowing us to realize projects.
The opening of the day was entrusted to the Regional Director of Italy, Turkey, Israel and Greece of Red Hat, Gianni Anguilletti who made an introduction to the news of the sector.

Automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the result of the time allotted to imagination, collaboration, and the search for an answer to our curiosities and our whys. At the event there were sessions dedicated to technological innovations where experts from various sectors exhibited on digital transformation, digital integration, IoT, Cloud Native Application and Devices, business tools, among others.

Open Source Day offered the opportunity for all participants to ask questions, meet people motivated by a great spirit of initiative, and exchange ideas to give new life to what already exists or find out what can still be invented.